Mandi Gobindgarh Plant

The Modi Oil & General Mills

The Modi Oil & General Mills is in existence since 1953, and has been in the business of steel rolling since 1960. It started off with a small mill, but over the past 46 years, the unit has undergone constant up gradation and today it is a composite rolling mill complex that produces all kinds of engineering quality steels.

It has a 300mm mill, 400mm mill and 525mm mill, together capable of rolling a wide array of sections and sizes varying from 18 mm dia to 200 mm diameter round section and also commensurate squares and flats. The unit is a leader in the manufacture of heavy sections of rounds (70mm to 165mm), squares, flats in the country.

Steel Rounds : 45 mm to 200 mm

Steel Squares : 56 mm to 175 mm

Modi Wire Products

Over the years we have gained immense expertise and experience in auto parts and hand tools flats, which is our area of specialization. Modi Wire Products is in the business of steel rolling since the last 35 years. The unit has two mills; a 300mm mill and a 400mm mill, capable of rolling sizes as thin as 16mm.

The U.S.P. of this plant is the manufacturing capability of Special grade Flats for the Hand Tool market (Chrome Vanadium), Spring Steel (E.N. 45A) and rounds as thin as 16mm.

Steel Rounds : 20 mm to 56 mm

Steel Squares : 20 mm to 63 mm

Steel Flats : 50x7 upto 150x40